April 9-12, 2018
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA, USA

Free Workshops

Hear from industry experts

A full conference program featuring expert speakers from across industry verticals will take place at the center of Transportation & Logistics Americas.

Located in two back-to-back presentation suites, the presentations will be a mix of panel discussions on critical topics affecting trade and transport, as well as first-hand case studies that will provide insight and offer solutions to challenges we face today. And we’ll look to the future of our industry. 

Each session will include time for audience questions.

Full details of the conference will be available closer to the event so please check back regularly. The conference will cover the following topics:
  • Global trade / customs
  • Last mile, urban and omni-channel delivery
  • Nearsourcing / changing supply chains
  • Effects of the Panama Canal
  • Women in logistics
  • Human resources / labor issues/changing job profiles
  • Attracting young people into the industry
  • Congestion / infrastructure
  • Autonomous vehicles/robotics
  • Supply chain management systems


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